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My funny Valentine - basic voicings
My funny Valentine - improvisation
Peace: chord melody
Peace: melody with root tones
Peace: improvisation
Peace: extended voicings
Peace: basic voicings
A child is born: basic voicings

Voicings and comping:

A night inTunisia
One Note Samba
Georgia on my mind
How high the moon
How high the moon - melody
Blues in Cminor
Yardbird Suite
Blue in Green
Blue Bossa - melody in block chords
Blue Bossa - voicings
Satin Doll - comping
block chords 1 - 4
Autumn Leaves comping


Blues in A7 - layered arpeggios
Phrase in Am7
Blues Scale and Pentatonics
Blues Scale and Blues Licks
Improvising over „Song for my father“
All Blues
many more.........